Monday, 7 March 2016

Mixed Media Monday - Spring Mannequin: Part 1

Hello and I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

As it was Mothering Sunday here in the UK I was treated to a lovely meal yesterday evening with my family (my mum liked her poppy album!).  My daytime was spent as a stall holder at a craft fair, but it is one that I go to monthly so I had a lovely day meeting some of my crafting buddies and eating yummy food!!

Today's post is a bit of a prequel as the project I started needed quite a bit of drying time and I did not get as far as I anticipated.

A few years ago I bought some paper mache mannequins from IndigoBlu and although I decorated them at the time I was never really that happy with what I had done.  Now that I have really gotten into my mixed media and have a lot more products available, I decided to redo them!

To start with I removed all the existing parts that could be taken off, removed the mannequin from the dowel and base and then repainted it all with black gesso.  Once it had dried I reconnected the parts and also put some glue gel around the stand where it joined the mannequin to add extra strength...

Then it was time to use a brand new product, sculpture medium from Finnabair.  This liquid can be added onto any porous type medium (fabric, paper etc.) and once dried will make it solid.  This meant that I could add a dress to my mannequin and then make it into a sculpture! 

I started by using an old white sheet that I had and cut off some strips.  I planned what I wanted by placing it around the mannequin before using the sculpture medium so that I was prepared.  I used 3 different pieces to get the effect I wanted plus a piece of lace ribbon that was in my ribbon box.  When I was ready I brushed the medium onto the strip of material, making sure it was well soaked, then placed it on the mannequin.  I may have used more than was needed but I wanted to make sure it worked!  The material went on quite easily and the nice thing is you can add texture by making folds etc...

It takes a while for the liquid to dry depending on the amount you used, I did give it a bit of a blast with my heat tool but then decided to be patient and left it to dry naturally overnight.  The next day the material had gone hard and is now a great base to add colour and other mediums to, which will be part 2...

See you Wednesday,

Jane x

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