Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Design Team Tuesday: Butterfly Pendant

Hello once again!

I am back today with another project that I made for the HOCAHANDA launch of Leonie Pujol's last set of stamps.  This one never quite made it on to TV although the presenters did have hold of it a couple of times it didn't get shown so I thought it was only right that it should have it's day in the spotlight!!

I love stamps because they are so versatile.  I tend to be a very eclectic crafter in that I love to create  lots of different items, from cards to home décor to jewellery and therefore stamps are a great tool for me as I can use them for so many different things and with a wide range of techniques.

When I created my samples I wanted to incorporate the stamps into jewellery making in some way and so decided to use air drying clay to create a pendant.  Here is the final piece...

I used DAS air dry clay and started by rolling it out to the desired thickness.  
I stamped the butterfly image (from Flight to Freedom) into the clay then used 2 different circle cutters to cut out the main shape and the hole for the cord. 
After using the word stamp to add a little extra interest, I then left the pendant to dry for a good 24 hours.  I admit that I did put it in a warm cupboard to help it along as I am very impatient!
Once I could see no more darker damp areas in the clay I used imagination starlight paints to create the colour, a mixture of blue, purple and silver. 
I covered the pendant with a varnish to seal the colours in then made a charm using a few matching beads with a little wings charm, threaded onto a headpin.
Using jump rings this was attached to a piece of black cord tied around the pendant...

Something a bit different that I hope will help to show the wide range of things that can be created with this beautiful stamp collection.
You can find more ideas on the blogs of Leonie and the other design team members...

* Leonie: http://leoniepujol.blogspot.co.uk/
* Nick: http://nickinbarnsley.blogspot.co.uk/
* Katrina: http://cornishkat.blogspot.co.uk/
* Elaine: http://cakecoffeefcraft.blogspot.co.uk/

Tomorrow sees the launch of a new collection from Leonie Pujol on HOCHANDA so I will post a quick reminder in the morning with all the show details and how to watch then at 8pm I will post one of the projects that I have made as part of the design team.  I do hope you will be able to join me!

Jane x

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