Monday, 18 July 2016

Mixed Media Monday: A canvas started...


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

I think my beach hut project did the trick as the weather has been gorgeous here and set to be very hot for the next couple of days.

I must apologise for my lack of posts last week, unfortunately as well as being busy with end of year events etc. I also managed to get tonsillitis and the antibiotics have only started to kick in this weekend.  Therefore today's post is the start rather than a completed one!

Having recently bought some Paverpol fabric hardener I decided that I would like to use it to create a canvas project.  I have previously used other hardeners with fabric onto bottles so I was keen to try something new.
As it takes a while for the product to dry I have only got one stage completed but thought I would share what has been done so far.  Here is what I used...

I like the fact that Paverpol comes in a tub so I could dip strips of material straight in.  I did this with some stockingnette, Paverpol wrappers and gauze and once completely covered placed onto the canvas.  Once I had put on what I wanted I added some Powertex 3D balls for extra texture...

This will now be left for as long as is needed for it to be completely dry so I am not sure when I will be able to show the next stage!  I will leave you guessing at what the theme is going to be...

I am going to cut my blog days back to Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the summer holidays, so my next post will be Wednesday, hope to see you there!

Jane x

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